Cozumel, MX

July 17-26, 2015

Sea Walls Cozumel

Within five days, 35 large-scale public murals were realized throughout Cozumel’s town center, addressing pressing marine environmental issues such as shark finning, overfishing, coastal development, climate change, and coral reef conservation. This series of Sea Walls murals help educate and raise greatly needed awareness within the local and tourist communities for the plight of our ocean and the life that calls it home.


Participating Artists

volunteered their time and talent to this project.



were completed, making it the largest Sea Walls project to date.



were represented amongst our artists and team.

More About the Project

In addition to the realization of the murals, the artists had the opportunity to immerse themselves into and experience the various marine ecosystems of Cozumel Island and learn from local experts about environmental challenges they are facing. The team also had the chance to witness endangered sea turtles lay their eggs, as well as help release sea turtle hatchlings into the ocean.

Throughout the week, PangeaSeed team members facilitated youth educational activities where the island’s local kids were able to learn about the importance of marine animals such as sharks, turtles, and dolphins while making arts and crafts from reclaimed materials.

Furthermore, a public screening of award-winning documentary film México Pelágico attracted over 100 residents to the main square of Isla Mujeres. The film highlights the vast diversity of marine biodiversity in Mexico, the challenges, and pioneering efforts to help sustain the health of the ocean ecosystem in Mexico.

Community Impact

Following our project, the city of Cozumel invested in various community outreach campaigns to better engage with their residents as well as tourists. Billboards along the coastal highway now give people tangible ways to be more ocean-minded and educate them on essential facts about ocean issues. Also, signs throughout the island now discourage the consumption of queen conch shell.

Murals (35)

We Are Coral

Shark Fin Soup

Plastic Fantastic

Power Hunger

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