The Price We Pay

by Fintan Magee

San Diego, USA – November 2014


Finding This Mural

827 14th St, San Diego, CA 92101, USA

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Story Behind This Mural

Artist Statement

While researching the topic I discovered some of the devastating effects of overfishing, it’s unsustainable impact on the eco-system in the oceans, and need to work highlight these issues for the wider public to take action. As humans, it's imperative that we stop polluting and overfishing the oceans. We need to sustain the health of the ocean so that we can sustainably use the resources that need to be respected and protected before it’s too late.

The Focus


Take Action

If you do eat seafood (marine life), you can be a responsible consumer by:

  • Choosing to eat species that are lower on the foodchain. Think sardines over tuna.
  • Refer to consumer guides such as Seafood Watch and only eat species that are considered sustainable.
  • Look out for catch harvested using non-commercial, more sustainable fishing methods such as spearfishing and pole-and-line.