Sonic Sea

by Aaron Glasson, Celeste Byers

Encinitas, USA – May 2016


Finding This Mural

On the facade of Detour Salon

578 S Coast Hwy 101, Encinitas, CA 92024, USA

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Story Behind this Mural

The creation of this mural was supported by

Artist Statement

The mural is just a few blocks from the Pacific ocean and depicts Grey Whales, a species that annually migrate past Encinitas. Imagine you are lying on the sea floor, looking up at them, on the surface is a ship.

The painting addresses the fact that sonar and noise from large cruise boats, navy and shipping vessels are affecting the whales' communication, feeding, and mating. Whales are susceptible to sound, and human-created subaquatic noise is detrimental to the health and livelihood of these beautiful creatures. We chose to depict the whales amongst the California kelp beds which due to climate change are rapidly disappearing as they depend on cold waters to survive and our oceans are warming.

We can lessen the human impact on these whales and kelp beds could if we choose locally produced products over things shipped over the sea. Also, consider what you are supporting with your money. Think about the whales before boarding a giant cruise ship, and choose peace boats over warships.

The Focus

Noise pollution