by Kai Kaulukukui

Cozumel, Mexico – July 2015


Finding This Mural

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Story Behind This Mural


Up to 100 Million sharks are killed annually for their fins and the United Nations estimate that global shark populations could be commercially extinct in the next 10-20 years if current destructive fishing and consumption habits persist. Sharks worldwide are primarily for their fins used in shark fin soup, an Asian delicacy. Other commercial applications of sharks include shark liver oil (squalene) for non-substantiated medicinal purposes, pet food, fertilizer, cosmetics, luxury fashion products, and more.

The Focus

Shark Conservation

Take Action

Help conserve shark populations by:

  • Refraining from consuming shark fins and meat
  • Purchasing cosmetic/health products that don't contain squalene (shark liver oil)
  • Avoiding pet food that list 'white fish' as an ingredient as it likely is shark
  • Supporting responsible shark tourism operations and experience the animals in their natural habitat