Bubble Gum Falls

by Curiot

Cancun, Mexico – July 2017


Finding This Mural

This mural is located on the facade of the Fovisste subsidized housing project on Avenida Bonampak

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Story Behind This Mural

Artist Statement

The mural conveys the idea of a "plastic life" which surrounds the natural world without necessarily paying attention to the destructive impact plastic pollution is having on the environment. We disconnect and forget the true beauty of wildlife, the oceans, and nature. We create artificial realities and adventures, like these plastic characters in their plastic inner tubes obliviously floating toward their man made fate, which draw attention away from the preservation of nature and our role as stewards to protect it. It's a plastic life but we have the power to change that.

The Focus

Plastic pollution

Take Action

Reduce your own plastic footprint by

  • Using a reusable water bottle and avoiding drinks bottled in plastic
  • Bringing your own bag, cup, utensils, straw, etc.
  • Shopping in bulk, reducing packaging waste
  • Choosing reusable and compostable goods over less sustainable materials