by Aaron Glasson, Celeste Byers

San Diego, USA – September 2016


Finding This Mural

Backside of La Bodega Gallery, facing the freeway

2196 Logan Ave, San Diego, CA 92113

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Story Behind This Mural

N3O’s mural is a tribute to human curiosity and the great unknowns of our oceans.

The ocean is the lifeblood of Earth, covering more than 70 percent of the planet’s surface, driving weather, regulating temperature, and ultimately supporting all living organisms. Throughout history, the ocean has been a vital source of sustenance, transport, commerce, growth, and inspiration.

Yet for all of our reliance on the ocean, more than eighty percent of this vast, underwater realm remains unmapped, unobserved, and unexplored.

Artist Statement

A couple days after we finished painting the mural, the governor of California signed legislation to ban orca whale breeding and captivity programs in California! The law also bans California parks from featuring the whales in performances for entertainment! This is wonderful news but is not the end of the fight against marine mammal captivity. Thousands of whales and dolphins around the world are still legally held captive for human entertainment. In the wild, bottlenose dolphins and orcas are known to swim over 100 miles a day and many whale species are migratory and swim across vast oceans. In captivity, they are confined to small tanks, are trained to do tricks for food, and male orcas have collapsed dorsal fins as adults, which is a sign of an unhealthy orca in an unnatural environment. Spread the word and vote with your dollar, supporting freedom, not captivity.

The Focus

Marine mammal captivity

Take Action

Consider experiencing marine mammals in their natural environment, the open ocean, and don't support marine parks that exploit these animals for human entertainment.

You can also support non-profit organizations such as Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC).