by Chris Konecki

Napier, NZ – March 2016


Finding This Mural

50 Waghorne St, Ahuriri, Napier 4110, New Zealand

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Story Behind This Mural

Artist Statement

It is incumbent upon us to be stewards of the ocean. The artwork, depicting an endangered Bryde whale with its head in the form of a local fishing vessel, is meant to show the relationship between mankind and nature while locked in competition for resources.

One brutal cause of death for Bryde whales is ship strikes. The whales spend most of their time just under the surface where large cargo ships have been known to travel. Locally, in Auckland, they have decreased the speed of ships by just 5 km/hr, begun thermal detection and condensed shipping lanes resulting in a 75% reduction in deaths. Its a great start and shows how just a small change and basic understanding of the ocean can lead to a healthier planet.

The Focus

Impact of shipping strikes on Bryde whales