Churchill, CA

June 16-26, 2017

Sea Walls Churchill

The Sea Walls murals in Churchill span 30 kilometers along the shore of the Hudson Bay. Reaching as far as the drivable road, each artwork was inspired by the participating artists’ own interactions with the community members, the environment, the issues facing the town of Churchill and the history of such a beautiful land.


Artists Involved

Artists from 8 countries volunteered their time and talent to this project.


Murals Created

The first-ever public art project to be hosted in the subarctic town of Churchill.


Estimated Reach

Our estimated impressions and reach including TV, radio, print, and web.

Murals (17)

The Final Destination

We Swim in the Same Waters

Kal Barteski

Project Coordinator

Lana Bakun

Logistics Coordinator

Jason Syvixay

Communications Coordinator

Jason Botkin

Dennis Compayre

Ground Operations Manager

Kai Kaulukukui

Ground Operations Manager

Simon Ormerod

Ground Operations Manager

Reid Valmestad


Rob Knaggs

Cellist & Logistics Coordinator