From Land to Sea

by Askew One

San Diego, USA – September 2016


Finding This Mural

Behind Art Produce Gallery on University Ave

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Story Behind This Mural

Artist Statement

For my topic I chose responsible consumption & used this opportunity to link a recurring theme into my work which is good systems & how they relate to the environment. Under the principle of understanding that we live within a closed system & all drains lead to the sea, the issues of small scale, local and sustainable farming and food waste management were the specific areas I wanted to tie in to this mural. I was linked up with two amazing people to paint, Elizabeth who works for SD CHIP (Community Health Improvement Partners) & does amazing work within the education system in San Diego encouraging schools to purchase locally farmed produce, running gardening programmes with the kids and is in the process of transforming her family ranch into a garden facility where she can bring the school groups through for educational programmes. The other portrait is Abriana who has an incredible family & veteran run business called closing the loop that deals with the food waste from local restaurants, businesses & homes, composting it into soil and supplying local farmers. Their goal is to strengthen the local agricultural economy, minimise waste and combat food security issues in inner city 'food deserts'. Also by chance my original wall fell through and I ended up painting a wall facing into Art Produce - a space that has a community garden, education space, art gallery, restaurant & beer garden.

The Focus

A tribute to San Diego community members advocating and closing the loop on food waste in the city