by Dulk

Wailuku, USA – February 2019


Finding This Mural

Parking lot-facing wall at Uptown Texaco

2085 Main St, Wailuku, HI 96793

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Story Behind This Mural

Artist Statement

Last year, 2018, I had the chance to visit the Hawai'i archipelago for the first time and I was very lucky to feel incredible sensations being very close to a humpback whale and her cub. When PangeaSeed Foundation asked me for coming back to the islands for painting for a purpose I didn't hesitate in working with a piece based on these magical creatures. Maui is one of the best places to see the humpback whales in the world and we were there while breeding season was happening so the opportunity was the best to create it. Working in this piece has been really emotional for me.  Legacy represents the eternal travel of a humpback mum and her cub traveling to a better place. Our seas are being subjected to dramatic circumstances every day and their inhabitants flee without a way to a better place. They camouflage themselves between ecosystems trying to escape from an announced end.

Take Action

  • Bring your own! Say no to single-use plastics.
  • Eat as local as possible.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and energy consumption.
  • Make sustainable seafood choices. Vote for the environment and call your representatives.
  • Educate yourself about what’s happening to our oceans.