Human Nature

by Askew One

Churchill, Canada – June 2017


Finding This Mural

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Story Behind This Mural

Artist Statement

My wall is a play on the phrase 'Human Nature', it's the universal excuse used to justify everything we're doing wrong in this world - you know, like "it's just human nature to..." insert miscellaneous bad thing here. But this is also a play on Human and Nature - the precarious balance between the two. Churchill is a town where this is the underlying drama at all times. It's a town so dependent on the natural environment and its wildlife and is simultaneously threatened by it too. Everything in Churchill has a duality, a total double edge to it. The text on the mural illustrates this tension and also draws from the parallels in texture of both the natural and industrial environments of the town.

Take Action

Visit the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society to learn how you can help preserve Canada's wild treasures and the species that call it home.