Boston, USA | ’21

July 16-26, 2021

Sea Walls Boston 2021


Presented by HarborArts and produced in partnership with honorary conservation partner, the New England Aquarium


Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans returned to Boston for the second year July 19-25, 2021. Our team of local, regional, and national artists gathered in East Boston for ten days to create a powerful new collection of landmark artworks that now serve as educational tools and conversation-starters, addressing marine environmental issues relevant and of local importance, such as the climate crisis, pollution, and environmental justice. 

Presented by local public ARTivism initiative HarborArts, we united during incredibly challenging times to paint for a purpose helping to give underrepresented coastal communities in East Boston and beyond a creative voice. Through the project, we aim to ignite ownership for the sustainability of natural resources and to build community around the common cause of protecting the region’s ocean and coast for future generations. 

Our collaborative effort joined forces with the New England Aquarium, a global leader in marine research and education, as the Honorary Conservation Partner for Sea Walls Boston 2021. With the help of the Aquarium, we amplified the critical environmental messages depicted in the new murals and will make waves internationally for ocean conservation awareness. 

Special thanks go out to Linda Cabot and Ed Anderson for their instrumental role in realizing this project. The oceans are the life support system of the planet and together, we paint for a purpose to help protect what we love. 

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Sea Walls Boston X Eastie Week
2021 Event Schedule
In partnership with Boston Harbor Now

In addition to the murals, Sea Walls Boston partnered with Boston Harbor Now and Eastie Week to include a series of activities and programming for the community to get involved.



painted for a purpose, shining a light on local marine environmental issues through ARTivism.



served through local partnerships and educational programming, inviting young people within the community to get involved in proactively advocating for our ocean environment.



unifying and inspiring Boston's residents and visitors to stand up for New England's coastal resources.

More about the project

Boston is a city on the frontlines of climate change, and East Boston is an environmental and climate justice community that is disproportionately affected by the consequences of pollution & sea level rise.

In 2020, we successfully launched a pilot of Sea Walls Boston with 7 murals and a host of virtual programming that uplifted and inspired a hard-hit community in the face of the COVID-19 Pandemic. We discovered that now more than ever, public art has a chance to uplift our community, bring people together, and give us hope — for our people, our harbor, and the planet. In July 2021, we completed the first full-scale Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans mural project to take place in the Northeast region of the United States: Boston, Massachusetts.

Why East Boston?

Once a chain of islands and marshland, East Boston is one of Boston’s most vulnerable communities to the impacts of flooding, increased heat, and coastal and industrial overdevelopment. With Eastie’s vibrant tapestry of cultures, history, and environmental richness, it was determined by a group of dedicated residents that it would be an ideal host location for a Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans project.

Our intersectional approach

Leveraging the local community and partnerships, we harnessed the universal language of public art to communicate locally relevant marine environmental issues and encourage positive action for our ocean. Through multilingual signage, outreach, and community engagement, we made an intentional effort to diversify the conversation concerning class, race, and age because we wholeheartedly believe that the environmental movement must be diverse, equitable, inclusive, and just. East Boston residents are majority-working-class and majority-immigrant with a significant number of non-English speakers. When climate change adds to the current woes of displacement, the most vulnerable have the least options to deal with the consequences of such complications on their lives.

Youth engagement

In collaboration with our partners at Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs, we are developing programs with Boston Public Schools like the Donald McKay School in East Boston to include youth in the conversation to protect our blue planet. Through hands-on VTS activities, the murals will continue to inspire a new wave of ocean stewards for generations to come. With the support of Bow Seat and local climate action initiative Eastie Farm, Sea Walls Boston will reach children of all ages throughout the neighborhood.

Murals (14)

A Vital and Vibrant Ocean for All

Solo hay un océano //
There is only one ocean

Intersectional Environmentalism:
Generational Uproot

Sea Keepers //
Guardianes del mar

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