The Heart of the Ocean

by Felipe Ortiz

Boston, USA – December 2020


Finding This Mural

Across the street from Bremen Street Community Park, in the driveway of Bremen Park Condominiums. The mural is on the side of a small garage.

260 Bremen Street, Boston, MA, USA

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Story Behind This Mural

Dedicated to the people of East Boston and the oceans we steward by

Artist Statement

“Warming seas bring devastating but realistic concerns to the inevitable changes in our oceans' current conditions. but we do have the opportunity to take action and be conscious of our next steps. YOU must be the change. YOU have the power to make a difference. Manifest this opportunity and have the courage to take the first step. Help protect our natural environment and essential ecosystems” - Felipe Ortiz


Warming Seas

Action Steps

Reduce your own carbon footprint by:
• Eat less meat. Try meatless Mondays!
• Eat as local as possible.
• Make sustainable seafood choices.
• Say no to single-use plastics.
• Reduce your energy consumption.
• Educate yourself about what’s happening to our oceans.
• Vote for the environment and call your representatives.