We Were Here, We Will Return

by Evan ESK Wilson, Taylor Reinhold

Emeryville, USA – September 2022


Finding This Mural

1468 66th Street, Emeryville, CA, USA

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Story Behind This Mural

Artist Statement

Our wall is a hopeful look at two cousins, the Sea Otter and the River Otter, both of which have historical relationships with the Bay Area’s waterways. Depicted is the River Otter, a population that, after years of being absent from the rivers and tributaries that connect to the bay, has independently re-introduced to its riparian habitat. This voluntary reintroduction provides hope for the return of the Sea Otter, who were historically hunted to near-extinction during the fur trade, and kept out of the San Francisco Bay due to a variety of human impacts. The gold calligraphy of the piece reads “We Were Here, We Will Return,” which is a message of hope for the return of the Sea Otter, who scientists now believe could be successfully reintroduced to their historical Bay Area home.

The Focus

Sea Otter Conservation

Take Action

Learn about the role of sea otters in the San Francisco Bay and support organizations like Sea Otter Savvy.