Boston, USA | ’20

September 1-20, 2020

Sea Walls Boston

presented by Linda Cabot and produced in partnership with HarborArts

In September 2020, we hosted the first Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans project to take place in the Northeast region of the United States: Boston, Massachusetts. In collaboration with the local community, we created a series of culturally sensitive public artworks that raise environmental awareness and add vibrancy to a community under threat of major coastal flooding and storm surge.

These public artworks serve as educational tools and conversation-starters to engage the East Boston community in conversation. Addressing marine environmental issues relevant and of importance to the local community, our goal is to ignite ownership for the sustainability of natural resources and the preservation of our neighborhood.

Click here for the interactive map of the murals painted in 2020 for Sea Walls Boston

Download the Sea Walls Boston Coloring Companion!

The Sea Walls Boston volume of the Coloring Companion is FREE to download and features all seven murals painted in East Boston in 2020, as well as students’ artworks created for Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs’ global Ocean Awareness Contest. These original artworks were adapted into original educational coloring pages and accompanied by information on marine environmental issues, action steps, and an artist statement.

Click here to download the Coloring Companion

Harness your creativity and together, we can help save our seas!

Click here to download the Coloring Companion

Support Sea Walls Boston 2021

Across the globe, our Sea Walls projects have a grassroots spirit and are made possible by local communities and businesses coming together to support a common cause.

For Sea Walls Boston, presenting sponsor Linda Cabot has made a $50,000 Challenge Grant. For every gift made up to $100,000, Linda will increase the power of each gift by 50%. Linda is a lifelong ocean advocate, sailor, and founder of Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs, a nonprofit that challenges students to explore issues impacting the oceans through art.

You too can be a part of this movement by supporting this groundbreaking project.

Download the Sea Walls Boston 2021 Partnership Deck




Painted in 2020


Local ARTivists

Uplifting our community



To save our oceans

Why East Boston

East Boston, one of Boston’s most vulnerable communities to the impacts of flooding and increased heat, is the destination for Sea Walls Boston. We believe East Boston’s vibrant tapestry of cultures, history, and environmental richness make it an ideal host location for a Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans project.

Leveraging the local community and national partnerships, we will harness the universal language of public art to communicate locally relevant marine environmental issues and encourage positive action for our ocean. Through multilingual signage, outreach, and community engagement, we will make an intentional effort to diversify the conversation in regard to class, race, and age because we wholeheartedly believe that the environmental movement must be diverse, equitable, inclusive, and just. East Boston residents are majority-working-class and majority-immigrant with a significant number of non-English speakers. When climate change adds to the current woes of displacement, the most vulnerable have the least options to deal with the consequences of such complications on their lives.

We’ve also been hearing an outcry for more public art in the Boston region. With a compelling, new collection of murals and installations, we aim to put East Boston on the map of the international public art scene, enriching the lives of our local residents and serving as an exciting incentive for travelers and tourists to visit the region. The East Boston community holds a strong connection with the ocean, and along with adding a beautiful aesthetic to public spaces, these works communicate thought-provoking messages to our broad collection of water-based cultures: sailing, fishing, whale watching, boating, kiteboarding, surfing — playing, learning and exploring.


Sea Walls Boston 2020

Sea Walls Boston 2020 ran through the month of September in conjunction with Boston Harbor Now's Eastie Week.  Above and beyond the murals, Sea Walls Boston brought a collection of virtual educational programs including virtual artist talks, panelist “conversations” with guests including scientists from the New England Aquarium and activists from GreenRoots, and family activities like a Coloring Companion that will engage kids with the murals being painted in their neighborhood. 

Locally Funded

Like most Sea Walls projects, we work hard to raise most, if not all, funds locally for Sea Walls Boston, creating community buy-in and laying the foundation for a long-lasting project legacy. For this activation, local businesses and individuals actively helped make it a reality.

In the Face of a Pandemic

In the wake of COVID-19, the Sea Walls Boston team listened to their community, and heard resounding positive feedback for the festival to adapt and continue. Now more than ever, there is no better way to bring light to a community than to add fresh, bright colors to the neighborhood during an extraordinarily difficult time. 

Sea Walls Boston worked diligently to ensure that the program kept artists, volunteers, and the community safe, following the guidelines from the State of Massachusetts, the City of Boston, and the CDC.

Murals (7)

Hope and Resistance

Matthew Pollock

Project Director
Sea Walls Boston

Tre' Packard

Executive Director
PangeaSeed Foundation

Akira Biondo

Director of Operations
PangeaSeed Foundation

Kannan Thiruvengadam

Community Engagement &
Environmental Resilience Strategist

Zach Heyman

Ground Operations Manager

Yaya De Angel

Production Team Manager

Linda Cabot

Presenting Sponsor

Rixy Fz

Production Assistant

Yesenia Mejia

Production Assistant

Kyle Browne

Production Assistant

Malakhai Pearson

Videographer & Photographer

Margaret Farmer

Fundraising Strategist

Katie Maybury

Core Volunteer

Gladys Oliveiros

Director of Community Partnerships


Artistic Advisor

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