Bali, ID

September 10-17, 2018

Sea Walls Bali 2018

Protect What You Love – Protect Your Island


This project was our first large-scale Sea Walls project to take place in Southeast Asia. A short ferry ride from the bustling island of Bali, Nusa Penida presented itself as the perfect host location for this initiative.

Over the course of ten days, our team of 20 ARTivists and 15+ volunteers transformed the streetscape of Nusa Penida with splashes of color and purposeful art to educate, inspire and empower the local community and visitors to preserve their marine natural resources.

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volunteered their time and talent to this project, painting for a purpose to inspire the community.



of plastic were removed from Nusa Penida's coastline and responsibly disposed of.


3-D Graffiti Tag

in the world that acts as an artificial reef, restoring critical marine habitat.

More About the Project

World Cleanup Day

In honor of the first World Cleanup Day on September 15, 2018, we partnered with Trash Hero, Freedive Nusa, and Save the Plastic to host a community-driven coastal cleanup. With the help of over 100 volunteers helped remove hundreds of pounds of plastic trash from Nusa Penida's coast. We then used repurposed some of the junk to create a collaborative manta ray sculpture.

Diving In

In partnership with PADI, we SCUBA certified four artists as part of this project. Completing the Open Water Diver course gave them the keys to a whole new world that lies beneath the waves, allowing them to draw creative inspiration from the marine environment first-hand and become personally invested in conserving the marine environment.

World's 1st 3-D Graffiti Tag

We pushed the limits of ARTivism! Joining forces with Coral Guardian, we built the world's first underwater, 3-D graffiti tag by supporting ARTivists 1UP Crew that acts as an artificial reef that restores critical coral reef habitat off the coast of Nusa Penida. A wire frame in the shape of 1UP's legendary tag was sunk and populated with baby corals to grow and thrive. Since the project, the installation has become a tourist attraction and continues to stoke conversation about the importance to restore fragile reef ecosystems. - View Installation

Murals (20)

The Future of the Oceans is in Your Hands

Light Workers: The Hues of the Hiu

Protect What You Love – Protect Your Island

Your Entertainment Was Kidnapped

Julien Thorax

Project Director

Tre' Packard

Project Co-Director

Cinzah Merkens

Ground Operations Manager & Artist

Simon Ormerod

Ground Operations Manager & Artist


Production Assistant

Gesya Thorax

Yoshitaro Yanagita