Offer More to Our Oceans

by Emily Ding

Bali, Indonesia – September 2018


Finding This Mural

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Story Behind This Mural

Artist Statement

In Bali, you'll only walk a few steps before seeing “canang sari” - little woven leaf baskets filled with flowers, incense, and gifts for the gods. These beautifully crafted banten (offerings) are made daily with dedication and care.

In Bali, you'll only walk a few more steps before seeing plastic: discarded bottles, drinking straws, shopping bags, and piles of single-use litter. Plastic pollution is not unique to Bali, it's a worldwide epidemic.

It's time we as people make an offering to our seas. It's imperative that we put in dedication and care now in changing our single-use plastic consumption. Making sustainable choices isn't complicated: just use less plastic! Every day that you pass on a plastic bottle, coffee cup, drinking straw, or other single-use item-- that's an offering that you make for our oceans.

The Focus

Plastic pollution

Take Action

Reduce your own plastic footprint by

  • Using a reusable water bottle and avoiding drinks bottled in plastic
  • Bringing your own bag, cup, utensils, straw, etc.
  • Shopping in bulk, reducing packaging waste
  • Choosing reusable and compostable goods over less sustainable materials