Kalevipoeg’s First Flight

by Cinzah Merkens

Estonia – June 2017


Finding This Mural

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Story Behind This Mural

This mural was painted as part of Mextonia Festival, an extraordinary project in Estonia curated by our good friends at Nueve Arte Urbano that utilizes public art to reinvigorate the country’s indigenous heritage.

Artist Statement

Throughout history, Eagles have been seen as symbols of great strength, leadership, and vision. The Eagle is often viewed as the chief over all winged creatures, as apex predators of the sky, they can fly higher than any other bird. Because of this, ancient cultures believe the Eagle delivers a message of man’s connection to the divine and the natural world around us. A message of renewed life, stamina, and resilience to endure through difficulties, bestowing freedom and courage to look ahead and accomplish what may seem unachievable.

After studying about the Northern Sea Eagle and its hardships, I decided this is the creature I wished to highlight within this project. It wasn't until I got on the ground and learned more about the local culture and mythology that I learned Kalev's Son, a legendary giant character believed to have founded Estonia flew to these lands on the back of a majestic eagle.

I hope that this mural sparks courage and strength to inspire its viewers to consider our relationship with our environment, and how we have an impact on our surroundings, realigning with an old worldview of interconnectivity which is needed now more than ever.

The Focus

Northern sea eagle conservation