Emeryville, USA

September 9-19, 2022

Sea Walls Emeryville

We are excited to bring the Sea Walls program to Emeryville in the fall of 2022.

Over the span of ten days, our team of ARTivists will create ten ocean advocacy murals that speak to pressing marine environmental topics related to the conservation of Emeryville’s marine natural resources, the Bay Area, and the world’s oceans.

In addition to the creation of large-scale public artworks, Sea Walls Emeryville will feature weeklong public programming designed to help facilitate an ongoing relationship between the community, the murals, and their environment. Activities such as youth outreach, beach cleanups, mural walking tours, and a film screening will make it a well-rounded, multi-disciplinary experience for all ages.


Sea Walls Emeryville

Poster design by Alexandra Underwood and Joey Rose


Why Emeryville

Despite being a Bay-Front city, Emeryville has a physical barrier between most residents and the water: Highway 580. For this reason, it’s easy to forget that Emeryville was once a vast bio-diverse wetland. We need to bring awareness and education to the public in order to reconnect with the natural environment that we have a responsibility to rehabilitate and protect.

As a designated arts district, Emeryville has a rich history of artists making their mark, beginning with the guerilla mudflat sculptures in the 70s and now with Pixar Animation Studios, Emeryville Celebration of the Arts, 45th Street Artist’s Coop, and Bullseye Glass, to name a few. The only thing somewhat lacking is large-scale murals. Luckily, Emeryville is a city full of blank canvases on industrial warehouses with a community hungry for beautification – making this the perfect place for a public art Festival.



will come together to paint for a purpose



will be painted across Emeryville over the span of 10 days



to help create positive action for our oceans through ARTivism

Support Sea Walls Emeryville

Across the globe, our Sea Walls projects have a grassroots spirit and are made possible by local communities and businesses coming together to support a common cause.

You too can be a part of this movement by supporting this groundbreaking project through a donation, becoming an official sponsor, or providing a mural site to be painted.

For more information, please contact Sea Walls Emeryville Project Co-Directors Alexandra Underwood and Joey Rose at alex@pangeaseed.org and joey@pangeaseed.org.

Download the Sea Walls Emeryville Partnership Deck



Alexandra Underwood

Project Co-Director

Joey Rose

Project Co-Director

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Director of Operations
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