St. Petersburg

November 7-14, 2020

Sea Walls St. Pete

presented by SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Festival


This year’s edition of SHINE returns as a special edition in collaboration with Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans, November 7-14, 2020.

For its sixth annual installment, the SHINE Mural Festival will expand its partnership with PangeaSeed Foundation’s Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans program to present Sea Walls: St. Petersburg. The artist lineup will focus on Florida-based artists with an emphasis on Tampa Bay artists to boost support for the local community who are the backbone of the festival and make St. Petersburg pulse all year long.


Building on the two-mural activation sponsored by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) in 2019, all 12 new murals will explore the interconnectedness of human health and environmental health as we navigate an ongoing global pandemic.

As a coastal city, climate change and sea-level rise are ongoing threats to the wellbeing of St. Petersburg. Beach tourism is an important part of the area’s economy and issues of storm surge, plastic pollutants, clean drinking water, harmful algae blooms, and sustainable fisheries are important community education topics. Art in public places has the ability to transcend language to leave a lasting emotional impact and inspire dialogue. Sea Walls: St. Petersburg artfully advocates for sustainable practices, community engagement, and unity.

Other highlights of Sea Walls St. Petersburg include “Bright Spot” murals collaborating with local youth to educate and inspire, a community-focused paint-by-number mural, a beach clean up, and virtual events.

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for a purpose.

St. Pete Mural Map

You can view all of the project’s murals below, where you can find your way to them using the Finding this Mural section or simply use this handy map.


As part of Sea Walls St. Pete, we hosted a series of virtual events as well as a socially distanced beach clean-up at St. Pete's Lassing Park. In collaboration with the Institute for Strategic Policy Solutions (ISPS) at St. Petersburg College, we hosted an engaging panel discussion titled "Environmental Justice: Advocacy Through Art" featuring intersectional perspectives of leaders in the science, conservation, and art worlds.

Murals (11)

In the Deep Space of the Sea I Have Found My Moon

The Global Currency

Rooted in the Community

Mangroves and Manatees

Diversity in Science, Tech, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM)

Jenee Priebe

Project Director



Tre' Packard


Todd Wilkins