by Lili Yuan

St. Petersburg, USA – November 2020


Finding This Mural

Artistry St. Pete, Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, FL, USA

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Story Behind This Mural

Artist Statement

With millions of gallons of wastewater spilled around Tampa Bay in recent years, I chose to depict an obscured female surrounded by water to convey an implicit narrative that the water and humanity are more tightly coupled than ever. After going through many ideas, I went for a simplified design because the water's value is precious enough to resonate. Holding water in hand symbolizes a precious gift from nature as water sustains all life no matter big or small, and the round shape represents nature's best gift - our mother earth. Meanwhile, I chose the Chinese idiom “上善若水, “which means “Be like water, as water stables humble while benefiting all.” It shows the importance of water and strikes a chord with humans, who all should be loving nature and preserving our precious water resources.

The Focus

Water quality