by Areúz

Cozumel, Mexico – May 2019


Finding This Mural

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Story Behind This Mural

Artist Statement

In the mural, we see a hurt being, a symbol of the decoupling of humanity with the mechanisms of life. Its organs are fusing with vegetation, reminding us that we are one with the Earth, and one with all living beings that call it home. The figure is holding one hand on the stomach, recognizing its pain, with bleached corals for its bowels as a representation of the harm we have done marine ecosystems. The other hand fallen to the side as a symbol of weakness and a third severed from the body, barely holding onto a wooden spear piercing the body and the heart. It is a symbol for the wounds of the planet caused by the irresponsible advancement of industry and technology. The intended message is that we are one with the great fractal called life, and that all of our actions have repercussions with the whole, that whatever damage we cause to the earth, the sky and the sea, we are hurting ourselves. It is crucial that we are aware of this as we are the only species harming the planet with entire ecosystems and species eradicated at the hands of our ignorance. We must reconnect with nature. To this end, it’s important that we learn to love ourselves first, heal, and then extend this empathy to everything that surrounds us.

The Focus

Interdependence of humanity and the environment

Take Action

  • Bring your own! Say no to single-use plastics.
  • Eat as local as possible.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and energy consumption.
  • Make sustainable seafood choices. Vote for the environment and call your representatives.
  • Educate yourself about what’s happening to our oceans.