Shark Love

by Noelle Anderson

Napier, NZ – March 2016


Finding This Mural

Routledge St, Ahuriri, Napier 4110, New Zealand

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Story Behind This Mural

Artist Statement

Sharks, regardless of species type, are depicted and presented to us as dangerous - a personal threat to our safety. Yet the reality is that: (1) Humans are the ones threatening sharks, killing nearly 100 million each year, (2) shark removal will lead to total marine ecosystem structural collapse, and 3) we need to transform the way in which sharks are seen to make these matters most salient for the public. To help tackle that last reality, I hope my mural here in Napier illuminates these misunderstood creatures in the beautiful, positive, esteemed light they deserve.

The Focus

Shark conservation

Take Action

Help conserve shark populations by:

  • Refrain from consuming shark fins and meat
  • Purchase cosmetic/health products that don't contain squalene (shark liver oil)
  • Avoid pet food that list 'white fish' as an ingredient as it likely is shark
  • Support responsible shark tourism operations and experience the animals in their natural habitat