Plastic The Modern Miracle That Never Breaks Down

by Frank & Mimi

Napier, NZ – March 2016


Finding This Mural

Napier Sailing Club West Quay, Ahuriri, Napier, New Zealand

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Story Behind This Mural

Frank & Mimi investigate the hyper-optimism that comes from vintage advertorials, and how they’re often ironically selling products which are detrimental to both the consumer and the environment. The artists make a satirical comment about consumption by marrying typography with a fallen media icon, as the coral begins to reclaim its natural environment to regain equilibrium. The shapes appear collaged, almost as if cut out of vintage paper, highlighting the risk of our marine life disappearing into nostalgia.

Artist Statement

We are all consumers, and the market responds to every one of our desires. By becoming a responsible consumer we can change the fundamentals of the mass consumption market.

The Focus

Plastic pollution

Take Action

Reduce your own plastic footprint by

  • Using a reusable water bottle and avoiding drinks bottled in plastic
  • Bringing your own bag, cup, utensils, straw, etc.
  • Shopping in bulk, reducing packaging waste
  • Choosing reusable and compostable goods over less sustainable materials