Healthy is Happy

by Hannah Eddy

St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands – January 2023


Finding This Mural

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Story Behind This Mural

Artist Statement

This mural celebrates the importance of a healthy and happy ecosystem. I believe that when the Earth is healthy only then we can truly be happy. All of our acts have immediate impacts on the planet and each other, and being on a small island like St. Thomas it magnifies this. I wanted to show what a “happy” island looks like by creating a biodiverse scene with natural elements that are found locally like the Bananaquit bird, baby Mangroves, and Ginger Thomas, and creatures in the surrounding ocean like sea turtles and jellyfish. I included my female character to represent a Mother Nature-type aspect. She helps remind us of one of the most important things: As humans, we are all part of nature, so if we care for nature we are caring for each other. All of these elements in the mural are shown as interconnected, balanced, and working together in a colorful and positive way to highlight the vibrancy of this island.

The Topic

Environmental Stewardship