Ambergris Inc.

by Ruben Ubiera

Gainesville, USA – March 2017


Finding This Mural

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Story Behind This Mural

Artist Statement

This piece is all about awareness. Even if it's done via shock. I like to paint murals that are unique to the space they're in. When I saw the wall, the grass mound, the electrical boxes, its length, I immediately thought of a life-size whale. In the middle of Gainesville, Florida. Away from the ocean. A contrast from your every day.

I wanted to stop people in their tracks while making them aware of a problem that concerns us all: the oceans. Without them, there's no life. The vultures represent the corporations and politicians feeding their pockets from the sea's demise. The flowers: hope, growth and possibility. Metallic colors were used on the sunflowers to add beauty, and reflect light, while the sun hits the wall the whole day.

The Focus

Corporate impact on our oceans