Yogyakarta + Pacitan, ID

Aug 20 - Sep 5, 2023

Sea Walls South Sea Calling

We are excited to host the first Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans project to take place in Java, Indonesia.

From August 20th – September 5th, 2023, our team of international, regional, and local artists will gather in Yogyakarta and Pacitan to create a series of locally relevant public artworks to help spur environmental activism, while beautifying the area. Combined with various community outreach events we will host, the public artworks will serve as educational tools and conversation starters throughout the project and beyond.

Addressing marine environmental issues relevant and important to the community, our goal is to inspire positive action for the sustainability of natural resources, engaging locals and tourists alike.







Why Yogyakarta and Pacitan?

Sea Walls: South Sea Calling plans to activate in two locations. The first activation will take place in Yogyakarta, a bustling urban city located about an hour from the closest beach. The project will then move to Pacitan, a vacation destination and small-scale traditional fishing port about three hours southeast by car.

Yogyakarta is known as the arts capital of Indonesia, celebrating both modern fine arts and traditional Javanese artisanry. This strong connection and advocacy for cultural endeavors make Yogyakarta an excellent location for Sea Walls murals. The large-scale paintings will serve as valuable attractions to tourists and locals alike, reminding viewers of their inherent connection to and reliance on marine and coastal ecosystems – even while residing in a landlocked city.

Pacitan is famous for its beaches, surf breaks, and thousands of limestone caves. The small town is home to an important fleet of artisanal and sustainable fishers increasingly competing with industrial fishing techniques, which deplete local fish stocks and endanger their livelihoods. In Pacitan, our artists will paint ten traditional fishing boats and five murals to raise awareness of unsustainable fisheries management and policy, as well as other urgent threats to marine resources such as plastic pollution, sea level rise, and ocean acidification.

As global climate change accelerates, preserving Indonesia’s coastline, marine biodiversity, and cultural connection to the ocean has never been more critical. Sea Walls: South Sea Calling will serve to illustrate the urban and rural interconnectedness with the ocean and inspire conservation at a meaningful scale.

Tre' Packard

Executive Director

Akira Biondo

Director of Operations

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Program Manager

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Project Director


Communications Manager

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Cultural Advisor


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